Side Delights® Announces Steamables™ Fifth Year As #1 Selling Brand of Microwave/Steamable Potato

Posted on: June 10th, 2020 by

Third-party study confirms Side Delights® Steamables™ continues to lead the segment and drive category performance

San Francisco, CA (June 10, 2020) –For the third time, data* shows that Side Delights® Steamables™ continues to lead the microwave/steamable segment as the #1 selling brand of microwave/steamer bags. Launched in 2008, Side Delights Steamables are B-sized potatoes in a 1.5 lb. microwavable pouch that are triple-washed, microwave in the bag, and ready to eat in 8 minutes. The new data reconfirms that the entire potato category performs better for retailers who carry Steamables than those who don’t. The 2019 study is the third in a series of data insights tracked by Fresh Solutions Network to help retailers increase sales with Side Delights® Steamables™.

The first study was conducted in 2015 by Nielsen Perishables Group on the microwaveable/steamable fresh potato segment.  It identified that Side Delights® Steamables™ was the leading brand in the steamable segment, with 54.4% of all microwaveable bag volume measured by Nielsen, accounting for half of all dollar sales in the segment. Nielsen’s analytics determined that the source of Steamables’ impressive sales power came from its superior sales velocity. In the study, Nielsen found that when Steamables were in the shopping basket, it resulted in nearly twice the register ring of a basket with any produce item, and 28% more than the average shopping basket that included fresh potatoes.

The second study was conducted by in 2017 by Nielsen FreshFacts®, showing the continuing positive performance of the steamable/microwavable segment led by Side Delights® Steamables™. With potatoes leading as the #1 ranked vegetable based on volume sales, and the microwavable/steamable potato segment continuing to grow, Side Delights® Steamables™ dominated with 62% of the dollar share and 63% of the volume share in the segment. Additionally, Side Delights® Steamables’ dollar velocity outpaced the competition, selling faster than any of the other brands.

The newest study was conducted in 2019 by IRI, a leading market intelligence and analytics company. Once again, it confirmed that potatoes remain the #1 ranked vegetable based on volume sales, and Side Delights® Steamables™ continued to lead the microwave/steamer bag segment as the #1 selling brand. Side Delights® Steamables™ represented the majority of dollar and volume share in the microwave/steamer segment of the potato category with 58.7% dollar share and 61.1% volume.  IRI data also showed that the Steamables family of potato products (6 items) work harder than the aggregated 31 items of the competitive set towards a retailer’s potato category sales.

Side Delights® Steamables™ products include:

“The cumulative impact of these studies is impressive, as they show that Side Delights® Steamables™ has been leading the segment since 2015,” explained Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “Perhaps even more importantly, it confirms that retailers who carry Side Delights® Steamables™ have a better performing potato category than retailers who carry the competition.”

Fresh Solutions Network created Side Delights® in 2014 as a national brand that would unify all of the most popular fresh potato segments under a single name that consumers would easily remember and instantly associate with superior quality. For more information on Side Delights® products, programs and recipes, visit For more information on Side Delights® Grown Where It Matters campaign, visit

*Source: IRI Custom DB, MULO, CY 2019