Who We Serve


We partner with retailers to deliver the highest quality, innovative, and freshest potatoes to our consumers. Also, we provide customized market solutions to aid in retailer category growth and inspire customer loyalty. Through a combination of category data, industry research, and customer focus groups, we help you turn insights into action to gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace.


We supply potatoes for use in potato salad, fresh-cut fries, and potato chips. You can count on us for supply 12 months a year to enhance and delight your menus. With a rich history of variety understanding, we can help aid foodservice providers find the potato that meets their taste, consistency, density, and cooking preferences.

Midwest Customers in the Heart of it All

We are privileged to feed our neighbors! We sell most of our potatoes within five hours of our farm. We are located in the “heart of it all,” therefore, we leverage strengths such as good infrastructure, consumer density, and logistical efficiencies to minimize the number of food miles from field to fork.


"Michael Family Farms recently shared their family recipe for Summer Potato Salad, and it has captured my heart. It brought back so many memories and was so simple to make! It’s the best potato salad I’ve had in a long time!"

The Simple Parent blog

"Great looking 4-pack Prime Selects Russets from Michael Family Farms"

Retail Inspector Report

"I first purchased your Bakeables Russet potato a couple of weeks ago and was so pleased with how delicious they were."

Maureen from Michigan